Given the vast variety, not all medicinal herbs have the same potential from a commercial point of view. Only a small part of the species are known and widely marketed.

However, in a changing market, a diligent entrepreneur must have the opportunity to grow the plants is little known and differentiate from the competition.

A good strategy is to associate a series of traditional niche species of plants little known.

In Europe, there are working 36,000 farms that participate in the cultivation of medicinal plants for a total of more than 200,000 hectares of cultivated land. In the USA, companies are active at approximately 3,000.

To the inexperienced eye, these figures may seem high, while in truth they reveal that the industry is still small and underdeveloped. The companies involved in the cultivation of medicinal plants range from small to large.

The world’s largest producer of medicinal plants in the world is India plays a vital role in many productions. Other crucial countries regarding quantity are China, Nigeria, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, and Turkey. At European level, the most active nations are Bulgaria and Germany.

Each plant has the biological characteristics that make its products more accessible in some countries than in others. In the USA, there are about 2 00 species of medicinal plants.

How to start a crop of medicinal plants

  • Remember, you can activate a crop of medicinal plants without spending considerable capital if you sell the product to learn the cultivation techniques.
  • In fact, before thinking about business projects, it is best to become experts in agriculture; each plant has its ecological characteristics that must be observed in the laboratory from an economic and commercial perspective.
  • Once you acquire the necessary technical knowledge, the analysis of the target market and contact companies that might be interested in your products.
  • If you live in a suitable area, you can also focus on the direct sale of your products through a direct point of purchase.
  • From the bureaucratic point of view, you can choose to open a farm becoming a professional farmer or an empirical farmer. The choice will depend to a large extent on your goals and ambitions for the future.
  • For the development of the agricultural sector, Europe and the Spanish regions release a series of specific financing for rural development in our country.